It’s as real as WWE on a Monday night.

And I truly mean this.

Only the players (certain wrestlers) get to bend the ways (empowerment and actual wrestling technique) of what’s real in each respective field.

As we’ve moved through the last several years of basketball…

The Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks are your NBA finalists, so get over it. We could discuss the path of injured bodies for days. Hell, there’s even a debate about both team’s recent inconsistencies that can take place. But it doesn’t change the clash slated for Tuesday night.

Both of…

Three of the four coaches appearing in the NBA conference finals are Black.

Image: Getty Images

I am thoroughly enjoying the success of the trio of Nate McMillan, Ty Lue, and Monty Williams. One of these three is going to end up with an NBA title. It will also be…

Ben Simmons is a basketball enigma for the Philadelphia 76ers. Highly decorated since his prep years, nothing has changed in the NBA. He’s still racking up All-Star bids and Defensive Player of the Year consideration. The downside has come on the offensive end.

The Sixers’ underwhelming end to the season…

Black creators are some of the only groups that are tasked with making things with deep meanings. More specifically, black horror is always attached to trauma and racism. While an entertaining combination, fans are restless. Recently, Amazon Prime announced a new series titled Them by Lena Waithe and Little Marvin…

WandaVision: We’ve Only Just Begun

WandaVision far exceeded any expectations I could ever have. It’s use of imagination and illustration of grief was fantastic. To top that, they sprinkled in menacing villains to ice the Marvel cake. All of this excitement is just the beginning for what’s to come.


Before I knew of Ernest Dickerson, I was already a fan of him. You probably are as well. You’ve heard of little shows like The Wire (Hamsterdam episode + more!) and The Walking Dead, right? What about Tales From The Crypt (Demon Knight) and Dexter?


He’s had a directing…

Christopher Jamaal Walton

I love basketball, horror movies, good food, and my wife.

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